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Wood Burning Stoves

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Wood Burning Stoves

Why Choose a stove?

  • Open fire has a heat efficiency of 18% rest of heat goes up the chimney
  • Stove has a heat efficiency of 80%
  • Stove uses 4 times less fuel to achieve same heat output
  • Stove will boost your house BRE certificate
  • Even when stove is put out flue can be closed to ensure no heat loss in room
  • Stove is cosmetically cleaner

Multi-Fuel and Wood Burning Stove Installation

A wood burning stove is an efficient way to heat a room, providing warmth and style with low running costs. In addition, because wood is considered to be a sustainable fuel, a household’s carbon foot print can be reduced.

We provide a complete wood burning stove installation service, including full supply and fitting of hearths and fire surrounds, and are happy to advise on the most suitable wood burning stove for your room size.

Our wood burning stove installation services include:

  • Assistance in making your choice of stove
  • Supply of the wood burning stove
  • Assessment of the chimney flue
  • Modifications to the flue (if required)
  • Complete installation of the stove

The Importance of Professional Wood Burning Stove Installation

There are many regulations and guidelines that must be adhered to when installing a wood burning stove put in place to ensure the suitability and overall safety of the appliance.

Our engineers have vast experience in the supply and installation of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. We will carry out site surveys and offer expert advice on the suitability of various stoves. All wood burning stove installations are carried out in accordance with applicable building regulations, ensuring the safe operating of the appliance and providing peace of mind to the customer.