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Chimney Cowls, Caps & Pots

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Chimney Cowls, Caps & Pots

The termination of a chimney flue is very important. This helps the harmful gasses escape into the atmosphere and keep them away from your property. The height and place were the chimney stops on your roof can help prevent downdraughts and drafts. With the right chimney pot and cowl these can be stopped. An inspection might be necessary but most advice can be given on the phone or via email to guide you to the correct combination or cowl.

Static Chimney Cowls

These are simple bird-guard cowls designed to keep birds and vermin out of your chimney. They will also stop some rain entry.

Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowls~

The main function of anti downdraught chimney cowls is to reduce or eliminate downdraught in your chimney. They also offer the functions of the static chimney cowls.

Revolving Chimney Cowls

Revolving chimney cowls are designed to eradicate downdraught in chimneys, flues and ducts. There are two types. With the globe type, the wind catches the fins, and the globe rotates. This rotating action prevents the wind from blowing down the chimney stack. With the Dragon, the wind turns the cowl in the opposite direction from the prevailing wind.

Disused Chimney Caps

Disused chimney cowls are designed to cap off disused chimneys. They will keep out birds, vermin, leaves etc, and will keep out all of the rain. These cowls are for use only where the the chimney is not serving any appliance.

Chimney Liner Cowls

For chimney cowls specifically for chimney liner installations, please see the appropriate chimney liner page.

For more information and advice on chimney cap installation for your home or property, please get in touch.